Thursday, December 20, 2018

How can I get the monthly earnings from mutual funds ?

You can get monthly income from mutual funds in 2 ways :

1. The dividend amount is not fixed, so you can not rely on this for continuous cash flows to meet your monthly expenses.

2. If AMC is not performing well for long periods, then he can stop paying dividends. Whether or not the fund manager has the prudent right to declare a dividend?

3. Dividends paid on dividends paid in both equity and debt mutual funds, which are deducted at source by AMC, decrease in earnings in the hands of the investor.

4. In a mutual fund, the stock is not in revenue generated from the dividend, it is only with the earned profit and the NAV of your plan reduces the dividend declared on the pre-dividend date.

Systematic Evaluation Planning (SWP): The best way to earn monthly income from a mutual fund is SWP. This is like a reverse sip. Ideally, you should invest some amount (one time or SIP) and it should increase to create a decent corpus and after that, you will need AMC to redeem and credit some portion of your corpus monthly in your account. Will be required. Can give instructions once.


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