Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Why is my phone slow and why is its battery down so quickly?

Its overall performance is the result of its specific capabilities, including its specific improvement demands, including processing power, memory amount, battery capacity and network communication, open / active application volume, and overall active usage time.

If you want more speed and more battery life, consider removing any other airline activity permissions or even uninstalling the app, turn off the WiFi or Bluetooth interface, and use it for less hours per day, along with To change your device itself, see the specs. high performance.

The capacity of the battery and the ability to give as much time as possible can be lost, resulting in high collision in the current state of use. It seems that the battery does not come with a few phones, if a lot / all are designed for only two years, that corresponds with the 2 year cycle plan contract in the US. Replace battery for a good replacement / OEM one.


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