Thursday, December 20, 2018

Why we can't access mobile Internet during phone calls ?

From my experience and knowledge: You can continue the data session from 3G in the call. In telecommunications terms it is called multi RAB scenario. It depends on your service provider whether it has enabled several RAB features in its network. Now generally all operators have this.

Enjoy data with calling!!

The cause may be ethereal of : -

1. The phone is less than 3G connection.

2. The smartphone has problems with Volts (voice over LTE).

3. The SIM card service provider does not provide support for both features at the same time. (Castaway case).

4. If a dual sim phone - if you are using the internet on SIM1 and you are receiving calls on SIM 2, then till the call is turned on, SIM1 will not work for internet service.


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